Friday, September 24, 2010

Currently Reading

Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter:

I'm currently undecided.......but I keep reading it.  Ms. Hunter's a great writer - I got pulled into the story right away. Yet, things are starting to bug me - the story will switch from current time to a time 10-years previous with no warning - no change in font, no nothing, so I often times have to reread the paragraphs again so my mind frame is in the correct decade. There's also the hero - nice guy, but he really needs to get a backbone.  The heroine? Nice girl - but she really needs to grow up and get over it all ready.  

Yet - I still keep reading.  Every time I think of switching to a different story, I keep getting sucked back into this one. So although it's annoying me, I'm still reading.  And I still think Ms Hunter's a great writer....and I'm still looking forward to reading the other Nantucket stories that she's written that I bought last week.

Other than that, I'm really looking forward to reading these:

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nath said...

Oh, that's the kind of books LOL.

Looks like you're in a historical mood next :) Curious to see what you think of the Maya Rodale...