Monday, January 3, 2011


My first weigh-in of 2011 was not good.  Not good at all! 

Tonight I'm going shopping so that I can stock up on healthy veggies - I really should have done it this weekend, but I was in a perpetual state of laziness.  Which is why my foods today aren't exactly the best....but they're not the worst either!

Food today: was crazy so ended up eating my breakfast for lunch
L: Cream of Wheat (3 pts), 1 tsp Splenda (0 pt), 1 cup 1% milk (3 pts) = 7 pts total
S: None yet - brought 4 small clementines (0 pt), string cheese (2 pts), and applesauce (0 pt) = 2 pts total
D: ????
E:  Either Walk it Out (Wii) , Just Dance (Wii), or Zumba (Wii)

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