Monday, November 14, 2011

Lesson Learned

Looks like I'm going to buy an external hard drive after work today - That's $130 I hadn't planned on spending this week.  On the bright side, I'll be able to do an xcopy from dos so I can save the data on my hard drive.  The bad news is I'll need to reinstall windows and then reinstall all my programs after that.  Ugh.

I guess through all this I learned a valuable lesson - when I kept getting prompted to do a backup of my drive, I would always choose the "later" option.  Next time, I'll take the time to make a backup.  I may not have had to do all these extra steps if I had.

Lesson learned.

Updated to add:  Okay - feel a bit better.  Got a T2 external drive that was on sale for $99.99.  Deep sigh.  Have my data backed up now.  Windows is now being re-installed.


nath said...

Ugh, it sucks on all front, Dev! The money spent and having to re-install everything :( Too bad you need it now too! Cos with Black Friday coming, there should be good discount.

Dev said...

Nath ~ I know!! I got a good deal on a T2, but it still wasn't money I had planned on spending :-)

nath said...

That's a good price, Dev! I hear you though? Guess what? I have to buy a new computer ^_^; Sigh.