Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Reading

So, I posted about this at Dev's Good Reads, but wanted to be sure I posted the information here also.  I just finished reading a great series by Julie Lessman called The Daughters of Boston, and then started on her new series, Winds of Change.  Both series follow the O'Connor family in Boston and are wonderful books that I for one couldn't put down. You can learn more about Julie and her books at her website (posted above).  I sure hope you give them a try - after her first book, she immediately became an autobuy for me.

Daughters of Boston:

Winds of Change:


Rowena said...

What kind of books are they? Inspirational romance or something like that? I'm curious.

Dev said...

Yes, inspirational romance -- they're so good! I actually thought of you when I got these because I know you read inspirationals sometimes. Each book is about 500 pages, but they are such easy reads - honestly, I got sucked in and couldn't stop until I finished them.