Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Second Day of the Rest of My Life

I have a confession to make. I'm a chronic scale junkie. I weigh myself everyday, first thing in the morning right after I use the bathroom. Normally, it keeps me on track. I understand weight fluctuations, so seeing the scale fluctuate a few pounds here or there doesn't really bother me normally. At least, when I'm good.  When I'm other than good, I tend to forget the fact that I own one.  See, if I don't know the numbers I don't have to be accountable.

I know my journey isn't all about the numbers on the scale. I still need to take measurements - that is something I need to work on.  Maybe a picture....but then again, I hate getting my picture taken because then I'd have visuals. But that's the thing with shame. I feel such shame at how I look I don't want any reminders.

Two years ago I was at the other end of this journey.  I was steadily losing.  I could shop anywhere for my clothes ~ not just the plus sections. I felt better.  I exercised everyday.  I made healthy choices and stuck to them.  Now, most of my clothes don't fit and I refuse to buy bigger sizes.  (Maybe one day I'll post on emotional eating - that's my biggest downfall)

So this morning I weighed in.  Down 2.2 pounds.  Yay me!!!  So I wrote it down in my Scale Journal and will talley up the average for my "official" weigh in next Monday.

Today I'm just living for today and the choices I make within these 24 hours.  Can I fit in a walk?  Can I drink more water than I did yesterday?  Can I prep my food tonight so I don't have to rush to do it in the morning?  Sure I can - the question is what will I choose to do for me today?


Holly said...

I'm glad you're getting back on track. I completely fell off the wagon last year, and it's been a major struggle for me to get back on it this year. But I'm determined to get back in shape.

I know it's hard, but I have to remind myself that being in shape isn't about the numbers on the scale. Though, of course, I want to see those drop, too.

Lori said...

Like Holly, I fell totally off the wagon last year as well. I don't think I've ever weighed as much as I do now, even 9 months pregnant. So we can all be each other's support :)

Good for you - 2.2 down!!

Dev said...

Holly ~ I promised myself I'd start up again after Baby-J's birthday party. Her party was Sunday, so yesterday was the day. So far, so good. I actually do well when I make my mind up to do it - it's when I get in the mindset of not caring, or avoiding when it starts going downhill

Lori ~ Well, I guess we're all in good company then. I'll definitely support you both!

Ryan @NoMoreBacon said...

You said a lot of important things in this post Dev. First of all congrats on the loss, that's awesome!

I love how the scale hides from you when you're not making good choices. Mine is pretty fickle that way too :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Prep my food..thanks for that reminder. I need to do that too!

Dev said...

Ryan - Thanks Much! I'm glad my scale isn't the only fickle one around. I appreciate you stopping by.

Mrs Darling - It's a timesaver, but one I haven't taken advantage of lately. Instead, I'm always in a rush in the morning.

Isabel said...

I'm trying to lose weight too. I'm trying to only weigh myself once a week. Good luck to you!

Dev said...

You too, Izzy! I could say I am only going to weight myself once a week....but that would be a goal I wouldn't meet :-)